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Vascular Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Advancing an Integrated Approach

Dr. Rod Swenson of Neuropsychology Associates, in collaboration with colleagues, is co-editor and co-author of a ground-breaking publication containing the current works of world leaders in the field of dementia.

This book offers an integrated approach in the classification and diagnosis of the various dementias. The following is a description of this publication from the Oxford Press site, as well as a link to obtain a copy of the book which is scheduled to be released January 23, 2020.

"Alzheimer's disease (AD) and vascular dementia (VaD) are commonly viewed as the first and second most common types of dementia, respectively. The traditional paradigm has been to view and treat each illness as a separate entity with a separate pathophysiology. However, clinical and pathological studies suggest that the boundary separating AD and VaD, as well as their mild cognitive impairment (MCI) analogs, is not well defined. Thus, there is increased interest in viewing these diseases along a spectrum because of the significant overlap in the characterization and diagnosis of AD, VaD, and MCI. The focus of this edited volume is to examine how AD and VaD, as well as their MCI analogs, are best viewed as a heterogeneous, intersecting, if not a continuous disease state rather than separate, distinct entities. This book examines this approach by providing empirically based evidence, reviews of the literature, and chapters by key leaders in the field and will be of interest to clinical neuropsychologists and anyone studying or treating dementia in its many forms."


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