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Ken Christianson, Ph.D.

Ken Christianson, Ph.D.

Adult Psychologist

Professional Objective

To engage in lifelong learning and caring collaboration with my patients.

Current Clinical Responsibilities

Dr. Christianson considers himself privileged to work as a psychologist at Neuropsychology Associates since January 2016. He works with a dedicated and competent team of doctors and support staff. Providing psychotherapy for adults, he specializes in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. He also works with people suffering from depression, anxiety and various behavioral problems.

Dr. Christianson has worked with the UND School of Medicine and Health Services since 1989. He is currently the director of the psychotherapy training program for the Psychiatry Residency Program. He also serves on the Residency Committee and the Clinical Competency Committee.

Professional Interests and Activities

Learning is at the heart of everything Dr. Christianson does. It is the life-blood of ethical and competent clinical practice. Psychology is an extraordinarily complex field where a lifetime of learning is necessary.

Dr. Christianson strives to surround himself with colleagues that are likewise dedicated to competence and learning, and in so doing, learns from them on a daily basis. He has led the Ethics Review Study Group since 2002. This is a group of therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists that meet twice monthly to study some aspect of brain and behavior.


Dr. Christianson’s undergraduate study was completed at the University of North Dakota. His graduate doctoral degree was earned at the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara, California. He completed an internship at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital and at the Center for Sexual and Marital Studies in Long Beach, California. He was elected to Blue Key honorary scholastic fraternity and also was a Bush Fellow.

Personal Interests

Dr. Christianson and his wife Alice are parents of two children, now both young adults. He enjoys spending time with his three grandchildren, while also finding time for reading, music, and playing trombone with the Lake Agassiz Concert Band in Fargo.

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